I like to surround myself with the healing energy of the sea, elements of nature, and memories from my travels...shells, stones and found treasures are modern day talismans, they protect and connect us. I find that the pieces I create are also the best gifts I can give to loved ones, because they carry the power of nature and the intention in my heart.

Born and raised in the hills of California, apprentice to a sculptor by the age of 15, design-educated in Milan, she was living her art in Paris, only to be distracted by a beautiful Nigerian journey and given a new lease on life having survived malaria. From there, NoHo living in NYC and a conceptual art gallery upstate became home. As times changed, she found herself back in California. Little did she know, her next adventure would lead her through the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and the Warpoint in Nebraska. All of this life and love brought her to this point, now. Beach living, meditating twice a day, making primitive art and accessories for friends far and wide. Next stop? The Desert. The Southwest has always called her name. 

Best advice? Never leave home without a bikini.